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Do you have an interesting DIY project you'd like to write up and publish, or do you already have one on the net? Email me!


Article Title



The Ultimate Sandbox 10/10/1999 David Allcock
A turntable isolation table on steroids.
The Great David-Jericho Speaker Project 10/10/1999 Thorsten Loesch
A DIY Clone of the famous Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy speaker system
It Sucks! A DIY Record Vacuum - Part 1 7/26/1999 Gary D. Markowitz
Move over VPI, here's a DIY record vac you can build for under $50
Analog Addicts Phono Pre 7/26/1999 Thorsten Loesch
A very competent solid state standalone phono stage
The Toccata Vacuum Tube Preamp W/Phono Stage 7/26/1999 Thorsten Loesch
A preamp to compete with cost-no-object designs. I built and use one.
Perspicuity - A DIY Interconnect Project 7/19/1999 Gary D. Markowitz
Low cost, easy to make interconnects that compete with some very expensive designs

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