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Equipment Reviews

This section will hopefully contain many more reviews in the future. My hope is that other audiophiles with a passion for vinyl will contribute to this collection of reviews.

Well Tempered Reference

Article Title



Michell Delphini Phono Stage 7/26/1999 Werner Ogiers
A great phono stage from the makers of the famous Gyrodec and Orb tables
Michell Gyrodec IV 7/26/1999 Danny McCarty
The new take on the classic table
Life With A Grado Reference Platinum 7/26/1999 Gary D. Markowitz
A budget cartridge with a high-priced sound
Analog On A Budget - The AT440ML 7/19/1999 Gary D. Markowitz
An amazingly inexpensive cartridge that sounds way better than it has any right to.
VPT TNT Series 4 Turntable 7/3/1999 Gary D. Markowitz
The big daddy of the VPI line. Massive size and impressive sound.
Lyra Lydian Beta Phono Cartridge 3/10/2001 Gary D. Markowitz
A surprising mid priced phono cartridge from Scan-Tech

This page last updated 1/5/2001

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